Our Stories


Our lives—each and every one of them—matter. Our lives matter because of what we have accomplished and contributed to society. And, I believe, our lives matter the most because of who we have become or who we are becoming.

Our essence lies beneath our personality and ego, and it may be difficult to uncover because of self- or social expectations. If we can tap into our creativity and express our hopes and dreams, fears and challenges, courage and compassion, we can discover the depth of our soul.

We may have been blessed with a loving and secure family life, or we may have faced challenges early in life. In our minds, we may have already written our narrative, and for better or worse we hold onto it. However, if we are catapulted into an alien world due to an unforeseen health diagnosis, sudden accident, or life-threatening condition, the world as we know it implodes.

When the life that I imagined shattered, I picked up my pen and wrote of the alienation of being in a hospital where I didn’t understand the language; I expressed my doubts about how I could manage to stay strong for both of my daughters and not collapse inside; and I struggled with how I would ever be able to be financially responsible for my family in this crisis. Writing gave me a sense of relief, not because I knew the answers yet, but through the acknowledgment of my deepest fears.

Writing helped me to cope with everyday trials and with the trauma of my daughter’s life-threatening illness and death. It brought me to a new place. I had to revise my anticipated life story to include the new experiences. Over time, I wrote a new narrative reflective of my sorrow, and grateful for the extraordinary support—far greater than I ever could have imagined—from my community.

I encourage you to write or revise your narrative, especially if something beyond your control has adversely impacted your life. Your stories matter, and writing can help you to make sense out of a devastating experience. It will help to shape who you become.

If you have experienced a life-changing medical condition or have witnessed a loved one who is suffering and you would like to share your story in a guest blog post, please let me know by filling in the form below.

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