Connecting Our Worlds

In April, during National Poetry month, the outpouring of poems on radio and TV programs, in print and online magazines, and on countless blogs not only demonstrates how poetry empowers people to share their stories, but also how poetry draws in audiences eager to explore unknown worlds.

After further exploration, we realize that these poems are in fact, familiar to us. Their universal theme is the history of the human heart—of love and loss, grieving and healing, growth and decline. We learn, we yearn, we ache, and we rejoice with those who pen their experiences. And in doing so, our world becomes more connected.

In this spirit of connecting our worlds, I would like to share a poem I wrote.


Where Do I Go From Here?

Where do I go from here?

Will I sit by a pond in the cool sunlight?

Will I walk in the woods, which are anticipating spring?


Will I hold my grieving daughter?

Will I have lunch with friends and hear news of their families?

Will I fold up my dark winter clothes

and fill my drawers with the lighter clothes of spring?


Where will I begin?

My life is so changed from what it has been—

Where do I start?


Perhaps in an open, rough field,

Lined by stone walls, tall pine trees, and filled with whispering winds;

Where the light is bright and the shadows are few,

Large enough for my memories to flow through,

and where there is room for me to move.


I will go into this field

and step into something new;

each step, remembering,

each step, reconciling,

each step guiding me toward a place I am longing to be.


Faith WilcoxComment